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School Tours

Educational adventures await with Nolan Coaches' School Tours service. Our dedicated team specializes in providing safe and enriching transportation for students on field trips, educational tours, and extracurricular activities. With modern, comfortable coaches and experienced drivers, we ensure a memorable and educational experience for students, teachers, and chaperones alike.


Trust Nolan Coaches to enhance your school's learning journey with our reliable and tailored School Tours service.

For many teachers, organising school trips is often a very demanding task but with Nolan Coaches all you have to worry about is getting children to the coach on time. We provide a wide range of vehicles for school trips. If you have a small class or a large group of children travelling, you can rest knowing that we can accommodate your coach hire needs. Our friendly drivers have years of experience when it comes to coach hire for school tours and trips and they will not only make sure you travel safely and comfortably, they will also make sure that the children enjoy their trip.

As a noted group travel specialist, Nolan Coaches are perfectly placed to be in the driver’s seat of your school trip and we leave nothing to chance. All our vehicles are completely compliant with regulations and undergo rigorous safety checks before each journey. Our drivers are also subject to touch selection criteria.

In everything we do, we put our client’s safety first, especially when it comes to children. Nolan Coaches provide school transports for recreational visits, school holidays, swimming lessons and sporting fixtures. Whether you need transport for a couple of hours or a whole day, you can always rely on us to accommodate your request, even at short notice. We understand that no two bookings are the same so our bespoke quotes to your specific requirements.

We offer a constantly high standard of service and we put pride in providing your coach and bus hire needs in and around Dublin. Contact us now for a quotation.

Not Sure? Contact Us

Get in touch with Nolan Coaches today for all your transportation needs. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a school trip, a wedding, or any other occasion, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Reach out to us to discuss your requirements and let us provide you with reliable and tailored transportation solutions. 

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